Current construction practices by major contractors with no regards for neighbourhoods or the environment.
Trees chopped and a garden turned into a million dollar empty lot by a Colombo businessman.
A 33 year old garden during the Covid-19 pandemic
Depleting forest cover 1956–1999 in Sri Lanka.
Mining of sacred mountain tops is now a commercially approved enterprise.
Unawatuna when it was one of the TOP 10 Beaches in the World
Unawatuna in 2020. Can you spot the difference?
Ward Place, 1987 when it was still a neighborhood and walking was an option.
Ward Place, 2020, apartments and supermarkets sold as ‘development’
A city planning disaster by Champika Ranawaka that should have been reconsidered is now our vision for the future.
Colombo, once a beautiful green city has been marred by ad hoc high rise construction.
old Flame Flamboyant tree overshadowed by new concrete representing ‘development’ (and paid street parking!), 2020
Why are the good people of Sri Lanka still starving?
In a 2020 Post Covid Era — the future is Gardening, not Infrastructure.



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Indigenous Jane

Indigenous Jane

The seed of thought that could grow back the world.